According to an annual report on fraud from Nilson Report, an estimated $28.65 Billion was lost to payment card fraud worldwide, with the United States accounting for 33.6% of the global card fraud losses. Individuals who use ATMs, credit, or debit cards are likely to experience a billing error on their statement once in a while. Unless you act quickly, you may lose your right to dispute the error.

At Stecklein & Rapp, we have the resources and experience to assist individuals who are trying to dispute or resolve billing errors on their debit or credit card statements. As experienced consumer protection attorneys, we can evaluate the billing issue, help you understand your legal options to challenge the error, and identify the best way to recover your funds. Our team will fight diligently to protect your rights and help resolve the billing error. We proudly serve clients throughout Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas, and Lincoln, Nebraska.

What Qualifies as a “Billing Error?”

A billing error can be defined as any mistake on a bill that happens as a result of an error from the seller. It can also be anything that is inaccurate or incorrect about your account. A billing error can be an unauthorized charge, charges for goods not delivered, or a payment that isn’t posted.

According to Title 12 Code of Federal Regulations Section 1026.13, a billing error is:

“A reflection on or with a periodic statement of an extension of credit that is not made to the consumer or to a person who has actual, implied, or apparent authority to use the consumer’s credit card or open-end credit plan.”

Types of Billing Errors

Some of the most common types of billing errors include:

  • An unauthorized charge
  • A charge that isn’t identified explicitly on your bill
  • A payment that isn’t posted
  • A charge that requires additional information
  • A charge for a defective or damaged item that was returned
  • A mathematical error
  • A charge for a good or service that wasn’t delivered to you
  • Failure of the company to credit your account accurately
  • Failure of the company to mail you a periodic statement

Your Right to Dispute an Error

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) was established to protect credit and debit card users from honest errors and outright fraud by merchants when making purchases or payments. The law requires creditors to promptly acknowledge billing complaints from consumers and investigate billing errors.

Until the investigation is complete, the creditor is prohibited from taking any action that will adversely affect the credit standing of the consumer. Likewise, creditors are required to promptly post payments to the consumer’s account.

The Dispute Process

In order to dispute a billing error, the consumer must notify the credit card company within 60 days of transmitting the first statement reflecting the alleged billing error. You can notify the company through a written letter or filing an online form, if available.

Furthermore, enclose copies of supporting documents, such as receipts showing the correct amount of the charge. Most importantly, ensure that the written letter is sent to the designated address or via certified mail. The proper address should be on your statement or credit card agreement.

Our Team is Ready to Help

Disputing a billing error on your debit or credit card statement involves several complicated processes. In such critical situations, working with experienced attorneys is crucial to pursue justice and recover your funds. Experienced consumer protection attorneys can help protect your rights and determine your best course of action.

At Stecklein & Rapp, our team is committed to helping consumers dispute billing errors on their debit or credit card statements. As your legal counsel, we will help you understand your available legal options and develop the right strategy to pursue your case. We will compile the necessary information and documentation with respect to the billing error situation. We will fight diligently to protect your rights and improve your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome for your personal situation.

If you need assistance with disputing a billing error or resolving other credit issues, contact us at Stecklein & Rapp today to speak with knowledgeable consumer protection attorneys. We proudly serve clients in Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas, Lincoln, Nebraska, Eastern Kansas, and Western Missouri. Call our firm today to get the help you need.