It can be easy to fall into the notion that identity theft will never happen to you and that what you are currently doing is keeping you safe. However, the main word missing from the phrase, “Identity theft hasn’t happened to me,” is the word “Yet.” If we get stuck with the false sense of security that it won’t happen to us, we forget just how likely it is that it will. 

So, for your peace of mind and safety, here are five statistics to make you rethink your assumptions. 

1. Identity Theft Cases Have Tripled Over the Last Three Decades.

With the rise of technology and how our lives have simply moved into the digital world, it has become increasingly easy for thieves to gain access to our information. Our names, phone numbers, email addresses, and so much more are on various platforms and online accounts, making it so if one is found, the rest are close behind. 

2. 5.7 Million Cases of Fraud Were Reported to the FTC, And 1.4 Million of Those Were Identity Theft Specific. 

The FTC categorizes its reports as fraud, identity theft, and others, and in 2023, those categories totaled to be 5.7 million. This is a rise from the 4.7 million reports last year. With 1.4 million identity theft reports, you likely know someone from your family, friends, or co-workers affected by identity theft. 

3. $10.3 Billion Were Lost to Cybercrime.

Large corporations facing cyber breaches might contribute much of this number, but even those cyber breaches affect the everyday person. Your information and money will likely be stolen if a bank is breached. Cybercrime occurs to those who lose money due to stolen debit cards or credit cards, loans, or medical services. This total comes from the many cybercrimes that stole from individuals’ credit cards, took out fraudulent loans, or used medical services. It was reported that from the 5.7 million reports, each person lost, on average, $500.

4. 33% of Americans Face Some Sort Of Identity Theft in Their Life.

The U.S. is nearly three times more susceptible to identity theft than any other country, leaving around 33% of our population open to crime. This can be anything from someone stealing your credit card to buy a pair of shoes or someone stealing your personal information to apply for a loan on a home or car. No matter the threat’s cost, we will likely go through identity theft at some point. It is said that consumers from the age of 33-39 are more victimized. 

5. There Is an Identity Theft Case Every 22 Seconds.

This might sound insane, but with how easy it has become in our day and age, identity theft happens almost three times a minute! This can be medical, financial, criminal, family, synthetic, or child identity theft. No matter what it is, we must be cautious and act proactively before it is too late. 

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