Credit Report Errors

Your credit can be the first impression people have of you. Whether you’re applying for a loan for a new home, buying a car, or trying to sign a lease to an apartment, your credit report can have a great impact on almost every facet of your life.

20% of All Disputes And Complaints

are related to inaccurate credit reports


the most Common errors include:

Errors caused by poor public record information

A victim’s credit history is damaged by identity theft

Incorrect payment histories

Incorrect reflection of statuses of accounts (current accounts reflected “in default” status)

Incomplete credit information

Check your


Checking your credit is not as harmful as you are told. Simply checking is considered a “soft pull,” allowing you to find errors before they become a costly hassle. If you do find an error, you may report it to the credit reporting agency, who should contact the creditor misreporting the information. The party then has five days to resolve the problem. From start to finish of you reporting the error, the agency has 30 days to remedy the situation.

If the error remains…

In many cases, the creditor or debt collector will not recognize the error. If this is the case, don’t waste another minute fighting these companies on your own. We can take the stress out of going to creditors yourself, ensuring that your credit situation is handled properly and with your reputation in mind.

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